Keeping It Simple: Digital Printing

When traditional printing began in the 1400s with the introduction of the first printing press, the equipment used was notoriously slow, large and expensive to not only run, but to print out the pages. And then as time marched on, both printers and customers started the search for cheaper and quicker methods of printing cards, posters, menus, flyers and other items in bright textures, colours and glosses. That was the beginning of digital printing, the modern technology.

Modern Digital Printing

Computers and high-tech digital printers were invented and digital printing became one of the most popular, quick, efficient, and inexpensive printing methods throughout the world. The advantages of digital printing for short-run print jobs are incomparable with offset printing in many respects. But what’s involved in the digital printing process? Let’s take a look.

How Does Digital Printing Work?

A computer language called PostScript and coloured pixels are used on computers and other devices to create digital images. The digitised images are reproduced on the page by depositing toner or coloured inks onto paper through exposure to electromagnetic energy. By passing ink through ink heads across the page, multiple colours are created from just a few key colours.

The quick response time from the device, or computer, to the digital printer is one of the big advantages of digital printing, compared to offset printing. There is hardly any set-up or maintenance and print runs can be easily and quickly customised. In addition, digital printing allows for more personalisation and short print runs than the traditional offset printing ways.

New digital printing methods offer graphic designers and Melbourne digital printers more printing and substrate options. Offset printing requires the page to be held in place by a press, and contact printing can often distort images – which is why digital printing is so much more versatile. Fabrics, thin paper and other materials allow for printing, unlike with offset printing which requires more traditional, sturdy substrates.

How to Find the Right Digital Printer in Melbourne

Look no further than Morning Star Press if you need a quality and professional digital printer in Melbourne. With years of experience and printing knowledge behind us, we are a specialist Melbourne digital printer. Our designers and printers can create colourful, stylish, and customised printed materials for you or your business at affordable prices.

We specialise in both offset and digital printing at Morning Star Press, and produce quality posters, business cards, envelopes, letterheads, marketing material and so much more for all our customers in the Melbourne area. Click here to find more about Melbourne digital printer.


Bring in a USB flash drive with your chosen design, email a PDF file, or let us do the design work for you – we’ll then digitally print it for you.


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